7 Steps to Documenting a Content Marketing Strategy That Works

I already know what you’re thinking. You saw the words content marketing and strategy together in the headline and thought, “Oh, cool, another article telling me how important it is to have and actually write down my strategy — just what I need.” Don’t worry, that’s not what this is. You already know that having and documenting[…]

8 How-To Videos We Love (and Why)

Have you ever learned how to do something with the help of an internet search? The answer is most likely a resounding “yes.” Most recently, I taught myself how to fold a fitted sheet with a helpful video from homemaker extraordinaire and friend of Snoop Dogg Martha Stewart. Videos are an especially compelling way to[…]

Is an MBA Worth the Money?

Here on the HubSpot Marketing Blog, I haven’t exactly made it a secret that I went to business school. It was an experience that provided two years’ worth of fodder, lessons learned, and other actionables that I like to share here. But there’s one question I have yet to answer, at least in this venue,[…]

Type A vs. Type B: Does Personality Type Matter at Work?

We begin with a cast of two characters. One is organized, ambitious, competitive, and sometimes a little impatient. The other is laid-back, collaborative, creative and, sometimes, a little messy. Do you identify with one more than the other? Many of us already identify as either a “Type A” or “Type B” personality. Or, maybe you[…]

The Beginner's Guide to Retargeting Campaigns [Free Ebook]

If you’ve heard of retargeting and think it’s a strategy you want to invest more in, you’re in good company. According to a study by AdRoll, almost 90% of marketers are planning to increase or maintain their retargeting spend in the next year. Although it’s a popular tactic for marketers, if you’re new to retargeting, it can be[…]

24 Growth Hacks to Try Today

When I find a good growth marketing resource, I remember it and hold onto it for dear life. Whether it’s a how-to video on a specific growth topic or an expert’s blog, I treasure every piece of quality advice I can find. But one thing that’s been a bit trickier to track down is a[…]