5 Ways Your Fans Can Help Optimize Your Site for Conversions

I’ve been watching Facebook closely for a long time. I’ve tested hundreds of ad iterations. I’ve worked hard to build organic reach for myself and my clients. Here’s what I’ve concluded: Facebook is awesome. But it’s also tricky. Why? Because the algorithm is constantly shifting, forcing marketers to up their game, readjust their techniques, and[…]

How to Know When You Should Use Paid Social Media Traffic

Have you ever used paid social media? I know some people who completely avoid it. They think it means cheating, or it’s somehow inappropriate. In my opinion, paid social media traffic is an excellent tool. Obviously, I’m not talking about illegitimately purchasing likes or shares from spammy businesses (more on that below). I’m discussing legitimate[…]

How to Use Intrinsic Motivation to Improve Employee Performance

Most people think that the key to employee motivation is giving performance-based raises. People will work harder for an uptick in their monthly paycheck.  But this common motivation tactic doesn’t actually do much, according to a Harvard Business Review article that detailed the findings of an analysis of 120 years of previous research. They found little correlation between[…]