The Future of Advertising Is Native Social Commerce

Remember when ecommerce was the go-to tactic for increasing brand awareness, finding new customers, and boosting sales? Remember when you could just list products on your site and advertise your cheapest, stripped down offer and people would buy from you in droves? Newsflash: The golden era has come to an end. Using ecommerce to drive[…]

If It Doesn’t Sell, It Isn’t Creative: 5 Maxims from the Golden Age of Advertising Every Marketer Should Memorize

The Golden Age of Advertising, that twenty-year spell running through the fifties and sixties, changed how we market everything, pushing beyond merely being clever or descriptive to thinking through how the audience interacts with an ad, and how empirical research can drive its development. The revolution pioneered by William Bernbach of BBDO and David Ogilvy[…]

8 Tools That Will Help You Get Inside Your Readers’ Heads

Do you hate the phrase “getting inside your reader’s head?” Although you know you are supposed to be able to do it, you don’t have any specific instructions on how to do it. Of course, it’s important to understand your current readers and those you are trying to attract with your content, but that’s one of the hardest skills[…]